“It is a magic supplement because it works 100%. I actually stopped taking it on two separate occasions after my hot flashes stopped completely, just to make sure I wasn’t being persuaded by the placebo effect. Lol. Lo and behold, the horrible hot flashes came raging back when I stopped.”

L.G., Troy, MI

Comprehensive Breast Care

“Your ReiSHE products were the best I’ve tried to naturally control my night sweats – and I tried many!!! My night sweats were down by 90% with in 3 days of taking ReiSHE. I trust this company as the ingredients are natural, along with Dr Lee’s caring personalized response to my emails. I highly recommend ReiSHE products to anyone looking to improve the peri, meno and post menopausal stages of their life!”

E.H., Ocean View, NJ

“I have to say that I’ve been taking ReiSHE for about 5 months and am so pleased.

Started out with the liquid form, which I was not a fan of the taste, but became a fan of the results.  Then started on the capsules and am a fan of both.
I am finally sleeping without prescription medication.  Wake up without feeling groggy, and just feel overall better.
I actually stopped taking this for about 3 weeks to see if there really was a difference. Well I won’t be doing that again.  Sleep was long on coming and short on lasting.  Waking up multiple times and groggy in the mornings.  Went back to my old pattern.
It’s nice to find something that does not require a prescription and is easy to take.
I take it about an hour before I’m ready to go to bed and the next thing I know it’s morning.
Coworkers have noticed I am calmer and seem rested.  If you’re looking for a product that has so many benefits and no side effects, look no further.  I will be a lifetime customer.
K.H., Baltimore, MD